• On-Site Flu Clinics


Seiden Health is currently offering On-Site Flu Clinics. Benefit from a healthier workplace environment by signing your organization up today.

Each year in Canada, approximately 12,200 people are hospitalized1, cause 1 billion dollars in lost productivity2 and 3,500 die due to influenza and its complications.

The Best Intervention is Prevention

Seiden Health Management has been providing on-site flu vaccination clinics to a wide range of corporate, care facility, and pharmacy clients for over a decade.

With a full roster of highly trained and professional nurses at your service, we guarantee safe and efficient vaccination administration aimed at minimizing staff downtime. No matter how big or small your company, we will work with you to ensure the smooth operation of your on-site clinic.

Making it Your Business to Prevent the Flu

By hosting an on-site flu clinic at your workplace, you can expect:

  • Less time taken off by employees for doctor appointments and flu-related sickness
  • Less spent on claims and replacements
  • A workplace culture that cares – employees feel supported by their employer, which in turn, increases morale
  • A healthier environment overall

Our Flu Clinic Coordinator will assist you from beginning to end to ensure all your flu clinic needs are met – by selecting locations (on-site or at your choosing) dates and times that fit your needs. We also provide your employees with promotional information and materials to increase participation and attendance.

Invest in a healthy workplace. Contact our Flu Clinic Coordinator to book an on-site flu clinic today or to learn more.

You Will Benefit From

  • 18%-45% fewer staff absences 3
  • We bring the clinic to you – Our clinics are administered on-site, or at a site of your choosing, during your hours
  • Privacy and confidentiality is maintained at all times
  • Data is securely maintained by Seiden Health Management Inc.


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