• Shingles Vaccination


Seiden Health is currently offering On-Site Flu Clinics. Benefit from a healthier workplace environment by signing your organization up today.

Shingles Vaccination Clinics

1 in 3 Canadians will develop shingles in their lifetime. If you’ve had Chicken Pox, then you carry the shingles virus. It can occur at any age without warning, but the risk increases for anyone over the age of 49. Shingles can develop into post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN), which is characterized by excruciating, long-term pain – making even the slightest breeze completely unbearable.

Protecting Yourself, Your Workplace, and Your Community

Seiden Health Management provides onsite shingles vaccination clinics to a range of clients.

No matter how small or large your group, our roster of highly trained immunization registered nurses will arrive at your door and efficiently administer the shingles vaccine safely and effectively.

Why Choose a Shingles Vaccination Clinic?

  • Less time taken off by staff – less money spent on claims and replacements
  • Hosting a clinic demonstrates a workplace culture that cares – employees feel supported by their employers resulting in increased morale
  • A healthier environment overall

Contact our Shingles Vaccination Clinic Coordinator today, and benefit from a healthier environment tomorrow.


  • We bring the clinic to you – saving you time and travel
  • Fewer staff absences and less time spent finding replacements
  • Risk of shingles developing into post-herpetic neuralgia is significantly reduced

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